Well it's been a busy day so far. First was Anna cheerleading at the Decatur Rec - "Hey Decatur Fans, let's hear you Stomp and Shake it, Stomp and Shake it! The girls are so cute ranging in age from 7-9.
Then it was over to the Ga. Tech Coliseum to see GT play Wake Forest. Apparently GT is not doing too well these days and Wake is #1. But, a basket at the last second gave the Jackets a win! It was pandemonium on the court. The kids enjoyed the game and all the festivities that go along with it.
Next we rushed back to the Rec for Boyd's basketball game. His Bulldogs are undefeated!
Later, friends are coming over for beer, pizza and a firepit. Good times.
So, this is what goes on when I don't have a wedding. Lots of time for family and friends.


The beginning

I never thought I would do this, but I've come to realize that it might be fun. Bear with me as this all gets started. I'm working on a website upgrade as well, so a new look and a blog for 2009!