Hiawassee - Brittany and David

Finally! The photos are rolling in! Let's go back to Brittany and David's wedding in Hiawasee at the beginning of May.

A misty lakeside ceremony was spared a rain shower.

I couldn't resist this birdhouse shot.

Brittany's bouquet was comprised of white peonies, white sweet pea, green cymbidium orchids and maidenhair fern. We used lace from her mother's wedding gown to wrap the bouquets.

Boutonnieres for the guys were white and purple sweet pea with a sprig of maidenhair fern.

The girls' eggplant dresses were complemented by white and purple sweet pea, green cymbidium orchids and maidenhair fern bouquets.

I love this image of one of the mother's posy with the bridesmaid's in the background. You can see they had some of the wedding gown lace too.

The lake was so many different colors of grey and green that day. It was a shimmery backdrop to the ceremony.

And, another photo with no flowers, but love it!

Photos courtesy of Renee Brock Photography.


Sunday Brunch Wedding at Maggianos Italian Restaurant

Here is a fantasatic image from Matt and Peggy's wedding at the end of June. They were married late morning on a Sunday with a brunch reception. Love that! They are also an incredibly sweet couple and were a pleasure to work with.

Their photographer was Our Labor of Love. Here's a shot from the "smilebooth" set up at the reception. Can't wait to see more!!!

The girls bouquets were green cymbidium orchids. Very clean, simple and elegant.

Love the white pistol in the photo...


Captiva, Final chapter

Yes, I'm back from the beach, but there's still a few photos I want to share. I'm adjusting to reality and getting ready for two weddings this weekend - Amy and Jessica's.

I'm anxious to get back to working with flowers, but in the meantime - a few more beauties from Captiva...

banana palm

billowy hibiscus

my tiny girl at sunset

more hibiscus

crown of thorns

pink oleander

great white heron

tree-hugger split leaf philodendron

and some sea oats.
So long Captiva, until next year....


Captiva, part 3

And a little more...

yellow lantana and bougainvillea

sea grape

royal poinciana tree

massive agave

beach naupaka

beach morning glory

And here's some treasures from the sea - olive shells

and some beautiful whelks


Captiva Island respite, part 2

Here's a few more reasons...

Hibiscus growing everywhere.

This is the traffic that goes by.

Soothing sounds.

The plant life here is phenomonal. Natal Plum.

It is so very hot, yet everything just thrives in the heat. Areca Palm.

Love the fern growing out of the palm tree here. Inspiration abounds.

Beautiful foliage.

Cut flowers growing wild. Bird of paradise.

I might not come back!!!


Captiva Island respite

bloom floral design is taking a much-needed vacation down on Captiva Island, Florida. A barrier island near Ft. Myers, Captiva is lush and laden with beautiful things. I have been coming down here for over 20 years. Let me show you a little bit why...

Ficus hedge. Shadow palm (hee hee)

Boat lily.


Coconut palm.

And that's just a little bit of it. I'll share more but in the meantime, if you don't hear from me right away it's because I'm enjoying the scenery!


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Ok, here's a sneak peek at Alexa's wedding in May!

She had nine attendants and the ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation on Clairmont Road. The Cathedral is extraordinarily ornate with beautiful mosaic work.

Centerpieces were two dozen roses en masse in a glass cylinder vase wrapped with ti leaves. Colors were hot pink ("sweet unique" and "orlando"), yellow ("aurora" and "kerio") and orange "milva" roses. The reception was held at the Hellenic Community Center at the Cathedral.

The girls held posies of the hot pink, orange and yellow roses with hosta leaves as a collar as well as wrapping the stems. Their watermelon-colored dresses were gorgeous!

The bridal bouquet consisted of the yellow, orange, and pink roses with yellow cymbidium orchids, pin cushion protea and white mini calla lily accents with a collar of hosta leaves.

Thanks very much to Ezell's Studio for the great shots.