Kristin, Peter and Hurricane Matthew

So, it's a Wednesday afternoon and I'm waiting for my son to get home because he's been evacuated from The College of Charleston due to Hurricane Matthew.  There went our Freshman Family Weekend visit to the Holy City.  Instead of going there to visit him, he's coming home.  Then, the phone rings and it's a neighbor, saying her niece was supposed to get married in Savannah but due to the hurricane they may move it up to Atlanta and would I be available to do flowers?  Well, since I thought I was going to be in Charleston, I was open.  She said she would call me back when it was confirmed.    
The boy comes home, visits for a night and heads back out to FSU to visit friends and cousins. The neighbor calls on Thursday afternoon and says the wedding is a go.  So - pretty much a day and a half to pull this one off.  (Note: usually you order wedding flowers two weeks in advance!).
I think it turned out pretty well - take a look! The photos are amazing and this couple couldn't be any cuter.

Kristin's dress was gorgeous.  Simple but stunning.

She requested a flower crown for herself and her six bridesmaids.  Hers consisted of burgundy solidago, peach hypericum berries, pink spray roses, deep red ranunculus, sea thistle and eucalyptus.

The Park Tavern at Piedmont was available last minute because the previous bride had cancelled her date there due to it being Gay Pride Weekend.  For Kristin, that just seemed to add a little more color to a crazy hurricane wedding!  

It was super windy (hmm. wonder why...) so the swaying willow tree in the background was a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.  

Kristin's bouquet was almost exactly what she had contracted with her floral designer in Savannah.  I was lucky to be able to pull that off with only 24 hours notice.

Seeded eucalyptus, astilbe, king protea, peach roses, celosia, sea thistle, solidago, hypericum berries, ranunculus, queen anne's lace, and knife blade eucalyptus, 

Her girls wore dresses of dusty blue with matching bouquets and eucalyptus flower crowns.  

Fun shots of the bridesmaids...

Peter is quite the handsome groom...

Mom and Dad seemed to go with the flow pretty well.

A few more of the ceremony...

The wedding box.  I've had another couple do this.  A visual symbol of your commitment and wedding bonds, the bride and groom write letters to each other and are placed in the box.  It is then nailed shut to be opened on your 10th anniversary.  Sometimes you put a bottle of wine in the box too.

Because of the time constraints, it was decided that simple yet elegant centerpieces of candles/lanterns and three varieties of eucalyptus with sea thistle would adorn the tables.

The was a small wedding cake and lots of different pies!

Not sure when this was taken but she's my kinda girl.

Kristin changed into a romper to toss the bouquet, dance the night away and make a sparkler exit.

Here are few more shots that I absolutely love...

It was a pleasure to be able to step up and help keep this day going as planned for this sweet couple.

Hurricane Who?

All photos courtesy of  M. Newsom Photography.