May Madness

May will be crazy busy for bloom floral design.

I look at the calendar and my eyes start to glaze over....

but then I look at this photo and remember why I love my job.

Are they not exquisite! Found these beautiful "augusta luise" garden roses and couldn't resist. They smell divine, too.

Bring it on.


Lashonda and Chris

These photos are actually from a wedding I did last year! Lashonda recently emailed these to me and I'm so glad she did! Her photographer was Clint Alexander. She was the sweetest bride and here she looks like a movie star amongst the men.

Her man, Chris.

It's a good day when a girl has diamonds and peonies!

This is one of my favorite shots. Here she looks like a queen!

White peonies in the pew. Simple and beautiful.

Bridesmaid bouquets were hydrangeas and button mums.

Lashonda and Chris are both reporters and her former editor Judy H. Green snapped this lovely bride-with-her-bouquet portrait.

Thanks Lashonda for sharing these! I wish you both all the best!


Three Brides - Three Places

With the sore throat gone, Saturday proved to be quite a busy day for bloom floral design. Three bride meetings meant lots of driving around town. It was a gorgeous and productive day.

Bride #1 is Brittany. She will be married on May 2nd at The Ridges Resort (photo above) in Young Harris, GA. We did most of her planning via email and met for the first time this weekend to confirm all the details (at my favorite breakfast place - SIMB). She is a sweet and excited bride and her mother is sweet and excited too! Her color palette is whites, greens and purples with her bouquet consisting of green cymbidium orchids, white peonies and sweet pea with a touch of maidenhair fern. She had extra french lace from her gown alteration so we will use it to wrap the bouquets.

Next is was on to Bride #2 - Shannon. She will tie the knot at The Monteluce Winery (photo above) in Dahlonega on October 3rd. We did most of her planning via email as well, but met at a Starbucks to finalize details and talk more about different options for centerpieces, etc. She lives in Cartersville so we met halfway between there and Decatur. This cool new event site is "reminiscent of an old Tuscan villa" and I'm excited to work this new space.

Bride #3 is Mere (short for Meredith). We started off with a generic email conversation and really got down to business at Mo's & Jo's in Va-High picking flowers in her color scheme of bold blues, purples and greens. She'll be married at our neighborhood favorite The Solarium (photo above) in late September. She is a structural engineer and loved the The Solarium for its simplistic design and fascinating interior ceiling trusses.

The best part about all this is that each job/bride is different. Even if I've worked the space before, each bride has her own thing going on so it is always new and interesting!


Under the Weather

So, I woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat and stuffy head. I felt it coming on yesterday and it is full blown today. I can handle a cold, but when a sore throat is involved, it really ruins the day. I had a meeting set up with a client, but had to move that off to next weekend. Fortunately, they were very understanding.

So, since I'm not feeling up to much, I've enlisted the help of my assistant this morning.

She's doing a bit of filing for me.

Making sure things get printed correctly.

Figuring out a paper jam.

And taking messages for me.
Sometimes she surprises me at how helpful she can be.


Swirling Callas

Swirling the callas...


Laura and Jack

Laura and Jack tied the knot at the The Solarium in Oakhurst on Saturday. It was a second marriage for both of them and they had a lovely ceremony where they made vows to their children (they have 5 between them). Laura carried a simple pageant-style bouquet of white callas. She elected to make all of her centerpieces herself so on Thursday I provided her with 20 glass vases and 140 stems of multi-colored mini callas. She, and her family, did a great job putting them together! Here are a few photos I took but will definitely post the professional shots soon.

Buffet piece - white calla lilies, white dendrobium orchids, asparagus fern, ti leaves, monstera leaves.

Small buffet piece - pink larkspur, white calla lilies, white dendrobium orchids, lavender parrot tulips and jasmine vine.

Corsages and wristlets.

Flower girl baskets.


Japanese asters

Japanese asters are excellent cut flowers. They come in a variety of colors and are very hearty. I love using them en masse for a showy display. They are available year round and are a great way to add volume to arrangements without a lot of extra cost.


Emory wedding, cont.

Here are a few more from Leslie's wedding:

Flower girl halo and posy of iris, solidago, ranunuclus, fiddlehead fern.

Ringbearer pillow of moss and bark twine. Not the best photo of this, but you get the idea.

Osaka path lanterns were used to line the aisle during the ceremony and then they were repurposed into centerpieces. Half the tables had lantern centerpieces and the other half had arrangements in natural wooden bowls. The bowls are actually the discarded root balls of chinese fir trees hand-carved by artisans into useful containers.

Again, not the best photo, but...


Emory University Evergreen Conference Center wedding

I am so excited to get these photos. This was my first wedding of this year. It was held at Emory University's Evergreen Conference Center back in January. I had first met with Leslie almost a year prior and she was very organized and knew exactly what she wanted.

I think I'm going to add her bouquet to the list of my top 5 favorites. I had never used iris before but they fit perfectly with the whole arts & crafts movement style of the location. The white iris were stunning! Her bouquet also consisted of white and saffron ranunculus, ladies mantle, yellow baby iris and fiddlehead fern.


Late summer, early fall wedding

Since most of my meetings lately are planning for late summer and early fall weddings, I thought I would post photos from one of my favorite "commitment ceremonies" I've done which was held during the hot month of August.

Each bride's bouquet was personalized with a small letter charm.

Zinnias are truly one of my favorite garden flowers. They look their best in late summer and early fall. I'm planting some this year in my yard - well, not some - a lot! They are vibrant, bright and happy flowers and perfect for arrangements and bouquets. And if mine look good enough, they will be locally grown!

Altar arrangements were large, glass vases filled with rosemary, sunflowers and new york crabapples. Yes, I ordered the crabapples from a new york orchard because local ones were a little past their prime.

Altar arrangements were then moved from the ceremony to the reception.
Megan and Amanda were the sweet couple that day and such a pleasure to work with. I also did the flowers for Amanda's sister's wedding. You can see her flowers back in my wedding gallery on my website (www.bloomfloraldesign.biz) under Becca and Sean.
I'm off to two more meetings today (at my favorite place). A late July wedding and a mid-September wedding. Hope someone wants zinnias!