Caroline & Jamie at The Georgian Terrace

Caroline and Jamie's wedding was a wonderful salute to her Chinese heritage.

Chinese tradition states that the groom and his men pick up the bride from her parent's home before the ceremony.  Tradition also dictates that the bridesmaids set up challenges to test the groom's devotion.  Jamie was definitely tested...

First, he had to endure waxing of his leg hair...

Next, he and his groomsmen had to watch a music video and then re-enact it with pink feather boas and pink long gloves...

And finally, they all had to drink different 'tastes' to represent what is in store for them in marriage "sweet times, sour times, bitter times, spicy times...".  Poor Jamie had to drink a concoction of all four!

I have no idea what was in that bowl but it looks nasty!

The Chinese also pour tea to show respect to their parents and grandparents.

After all the pre-ceremony festivities, it was time to head to the Atlanta Chinese Christian Church.

Caroline chose a color palette of white, soft pink, and peach with a few pops of darker pink and orange.
Hydrangea, babies breath, spray roses, standard roses, peonies, stock, rice flower, brunia and lambs ear comprised her flower collection.

Caroline and Jamie also chose to add foot washing to their ceremony as a 'sign of our commitment to serve one another as Jesus served us.  Our desire is that rather than competing for who gets the recognition, the right, the final word, and so forth, we want to serve each other even when it is hard - trusting that this posture before each other and before God will serve and strengthen our marriage, and also help us to better serve those around us as well."

The reception was held at The Georgian Terrace.

Beautiful shot of Caroline and her girls.

Love this shot of the balconies...

And on the roof!

Centerpieces were a combination of tall for the estate table...

and vintage vase collections for the guest tables...

along with vintage compote vases.

After a memorable evening with friends and family, Jamie changed into a white tuxedo and Caroline into a stunning sequined gown to end the evening with a splash!

All photos courtesy of Christopher Helm Photography.  Wedding Coordination by Joyce Lee.