Erin & Blake, part three

Here's more from Erin & Blake's wedding at The Old Courthouse on the Square in Decatur. Palladian window sills were covered in petals and votives.

Table centerpieces were hot pink flowers on royal blue linens. It was a fabulous color combination for the courthouse.

Ti leaves wrapped around vase with gardenia leaf accent.

Petals and votives on all the sills and one large arrangement in the center window of each side.

Here's a detail shot of the giant arrangements that flanked the vow site.

Gorgeous marble is a beautiful backdrop.
I know the professional shots will be fantastic, so stay tuned! Erin and Blake also had a groovy funk band play at the reception. Dance photos should be interesting!


Erin & Blake - part two

Ok! Sorry I've been gone so long! It was a jam-packed week with 3 weddings. All went well and photos of those weddings to come soon.

Back to Erin and Blake. Something special that Erin and Blake told me when we had our consultation was that when Blake proposed he had some magnolia flowers and had "written" words into the petals by using his fingernail. He is obviously a romantic guy. So, I suggested that we include "words" in Erin's bridal bouquet.

Well, Blake took it a step farther and composed a poem for Erin. Each gardenia leaf contained a line of the poem. He composed it in such a way that you could begin at any leaf and the poem would make sense. I don't want to share with everyone what he wrote entirely, but here's two lines:

Here's one of the leaves actually in the bouquet...there are no words to express how sweet this is!


Erin & Blake - part one

Erin and Blake's wedding was this past Sunday at The Old Courthouse on the Square in Decatur.

They are the absolute sweetest couple in the world! I received a phone call from both of them individually on Monday a.m. thanking me for making their wedding so beautiful. And remember, they were married Sunday night. How unbelievably sweet is that? They both have hearts of pure gold.They will have a wonderful life together!

Using their wedding to illustrate, I want to give a sort of "play by play" of how it all comes together here at bloom, so here goes:

Flowers are delivered in cardboard boxes that need to be unpacked. Flowers are sold in bunches of either 5 or 10 stems. Each bunch is generally wrapped in cello to protect the petals. So, it's a lot of unwrapping and cutting of rubberbands. Then each individual stem needs to be recut so they will drink water properly.

Before recutting the stems, any extra uneeded foliage is removed.

The flowers need to be placed in the appropriate size buckets so the flower heads do not become damaged.

Erin and Blake's wedding had over 800 stems! That's a lot of work just to get the flowers ready to use.

Here is my assistant, Stormy, making sure I am doing things correctly.

Erin wanted a little extra "detail" for her centerpieces, so I wrapped ti leaves around the cylinder vase and added a gardenia leaf for pizzaz. This design element was utilized throughout her entire event.

That's it for today...more to come later! I've got 3 weddings this weekend, so I've got to get to work.


Planning a Winter Wedding?

I know some of you brides out there are already thinking about November and December! Here are some photos and ideas from one of my favorite winter weddings. We used lots of berries, foliage and candlelight.

Holiday greens and berries are very versatile and I love to spray them with sparkle. Just a touch to make it look wintery.

Christmas ornaments are a traditional and economical idea for favors. Here the guests signed the ivory satin ornaments with wishes for the bride and groom. It's a clever way to begin your ornament collection and a wonderful keepsake from your wedding day. Another idea is to have a decorated tree at your reception and guests can take a keepsake ornament as they depart.

November and December are beginning to book up - so call us today!



The ranunculus whispers to the lilac.

The lilac hugs the mint.

The french lavender stands proud.

The pink ranunculus smiles pretty.

The soft pink hydrangea waits patiently.

All together now.
This has got to be the most fragrant arrangement I've ever made! White stock, purple sweet pea, lilac, french lavender, hydrangea, ranunculus and the most delicious smelling mint. Perfect for a personal "vow renewal" ceremony and dinner.


Brittany & David in Hiawassee

What a gorgeous day for a drive in the mountains! Brittany and David's wedding was held in Hiawassee at The Ridges Resort. It was a long and windy drive from Atlanta and I went through quite a bit of rain. Which made for some great mountain views with the wispy clouds clinging to the treetops. Fortunately the rain held off and their 6pm outside ceremony by the lake went according to plan. Here's a shot of Brittany's bouquet wrapped in the lace from her mother's bridal gown.

The bridesmaids bouquets were a wonderful color contrast to their deep purple dresses.

And, when you're up in Hiawassee you see alot of these...

This is my favorite shot:

It was nice to get out of the city for a bit. Congratulations Brittany & David!


May Madness - begins...

It's busy, busy, busy here at bloom. Here's a little peek at what's going on...

Some wedding work - sweetpeas, cymbidium orchids, maidenhair fern

The GBAA (Ga. Business Aviation Assoc.) dinner at Evergreen Resort. Hydrangea, hanging amaranthus, sea thistle

And a rehearsal dinner at Wahoo - (a Decatur favorite)

Pincushion protea, sea thistle, euforia roses, white boronia (a type of heather), celosia, myrtle and bear grass.
The studio is full! (and yet, I found a little time to blog...imagine.)