Late summer, early fall wedding

Since most of my meetings lately are planning for late summer and early fall weddings, I thought I would post photos from one of my favorite "commitment ceremonies" I've done which was held during the hot month of August.

Each bride's bouquet was personalized with a small letter charm.

Zinnias are truly one of my favorite garden flowers. They look their best in late summer and early fall. I'm planting some this year in my yard - well, not some - a lot! They are vibrant, bright and happy flowers and perfect for arrangements and bouquets. And if mine look good enough, they will be locally grown!

Altar arrangements were large, glass vases filled with rosemary, sunflowers and new york crabapples. Yes, I ordered the crabapples from a new york orchard because local ones were a little past their prime.

Altar arrangements were then moved from the ceremony to the reception.
Megan and Amanda were the sweet couple that day and such a pleasure to work with. I also did the flowers for Amanda's sister's wedding. You can see her flowers back in my wedding gallery on my website (www.bloomfloraldesign.biz) under Becca and Sean.
I'm off to two more meetings today (at my favorite place). A late July wedding and a mid-September wedding. Hope someone wants zinnias!

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  1. Why don't you put on your blog a place for followers? I love zinnias. I planted some yesterday. I get most of my seed from www.wildseedfarms.com. They are very good and you can buy seeds in bulk.

    I wish I knew something about flower arranging. I'm into floral still life photography and I know I don't have arrangement knowledge. Today I posted a still life image of some of last year's zinnias. Come for a visit to "smell the flowers" at http://photographyhints.blogspot.com