Erin & Blake - part two

Ok! Sorry I've been gone so long! It was a jam-packed week with 3 weddings. All went well and photos of those weddings to come soon.

Back to Erin and Blake. Something special that Erin and Blake told me when we had our consultation was that when Blake proposed he had some magnolia flowers and had "written" words into the petals by using his fingernail. He is obviously a romantic guy. So, I suggested that we include "words" in Erin's bridal bouquet.

Well, Blake took it a step farther and composed a poem for Erin. Each gardenia leaf contained a line of the poem. He composed it in such a way that you could begin at any leaf and the poem would make sense. I don't want to share with everyone what he wrote entirely, but here's two lines:

Here's one of the leaves actually in the bouquet...there are no words to express how sweet this is!

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