Hiawassee - Brittany and David

Finally! The photos are rolling in! Let's go back to Brittany and David's wedding in Hiawasee at the beginning of May.

A misty lakeside ceremony was spared a rain shower.

I couldn't resist this birdhouse shot.

Brittany's bouquet was comprised of white peonies, white sweet pea, green cymbidium orchids and maidenhair fern. We used lace from her mother's wedding gown to wrap the bouquets.

Boutonnieres for the guys were white and purple sweet pea with a sprig of maidenhair fern.

The girls' eggplant dresses were complemented by white and purple sweet pea, green cymbidium orchids and maidenhair fern bouquets.

I love this image of one of the mother's posy with the bridesmaid's in the background. You can see they had some of the wedding gown lace too.

The lake was so many different colors of grey and green that day. It was a shimmery backdrop to the ceremony.

And, another photo with no flowers, but love it!

Photos courtesy of Renee Brock Photography.

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