Rochelle - Anemones and Pea Hen Feathers

My bride this past weekend was the lovely Rochelle. She envisioned a black and white theme with a touch of christmas for her big day. She had wanted white anemones with the black center for her bridal bouquet. I told her that anemones are a difficult flower to plan for - and that proved to be very true.
First - the flowers usually come from the west coast. However, because it's been so wet this past season, the white anemones were behind schedule and wouldn't be available until late December, early January. So, my wholesaler ordered them from Holland. The shipment arrived in the US early in the week, however it was confiscated by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture because they found a bug. I had to reorder a completely new shipment and they arrived Friday morning. I was happy to see they did have black centers (there's no guarantee on that). However, they were tight as a drum. They really needed about 3 or 4 days to open up. Unfortunatley, I did not have that much time since the wedding was Saturday. So, I was able to include a few in Rochelle's bouquet that had opened, but not as many as she wanted. I've had difficulty with anemones in the past and this little episode pretty much seals the deal that I will not work with that flower ever again.

Now Rochelle also wanted guinea feathers (or pea hen feathers) used throughout her floral decor and she ordered them herself off of ebay. She was quite surprised when they arrived as sort of a "pelt". I was the lucky one who would 'pluck' the feathers from the skin. I will tell you that it was not a pleasant experience to touch the crackly, yet oily skin. The accompanying smell was not enjoyable either! Ah, the glories of floral design!

Feathers with skin.

Feathery side.

Groom's boutonniere - white ranunculus, pea hen feathers, tiny pinecone.


Grandmother's corsage.



Groom's closeup.

Bridal bouquet - white hydrangea, fiddlehead fern, privet berries, white ranunculus.

Bouquets were wrapped with black and white satin ribbon.

You can see one tiny anemone here. When they first arrive, the anemone is closed up tight and is actually a slightly green color. As it opens, it lightens up and becomes more white.

Mother's posies.

Rochelle was married at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer with a reception at The Solarium. Reception flowers were lots of snowball white hydrangeas with iced branches and pussy willow atop a tall ornament-filled cylinder. Low centerpieces held white hydrangeas and white amaryllis with ornament and berry accents. Fresh noble fir wreaths were hung in the windows with fabulous black and white velvet bows that Rochelle tied herself.
A truly elegant and classy affair. Once again, I can't wait to see the professional shots! More wonderful details to come...

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  1. I love these flowers! I'm doing the flowers for my sister-in-law's wedding and these photos gave me some great ideas! Thanks for posting these!