Where did the time go?

(Colby and Justin. Photo courtesy of Shawna Herring Photo.)
Whirlwind is all I can say at this point.

Just a few seconds ago it was August 27th...now it is Nov. 7th. WTH happened?

Here's the nutshell:

Family reunion in Tennessee

Kaylee at King Plow

Whitney at Cator Woolford

Elizabeth at Wahoo!

Ioana at the Peachtree Club

Jimmy Carter dinner at Emory

Alesha at Rhodes Hall

Paideia Event

Emory AIDS research dinner

Bobby Cox retired

Jessica in Avondale

Ashli 10/10/10 at Avondale

Braves in the Wild Card playoffs

Cynthia at the Carlos Museum

and Colby at the Carlos Museum

Hawaii for 9 days

Emory events left and right

Bar mitzvah at the 755 Club at Turner Field

So, yes I've found it difficult to blog. Did I mention I have a family too? Two kids...

But, when I think about it - blogging is what I can do in the "off" season - those cold months of January and February when no one is getting married or having any parties/events. And I can sit by the fire and do it.

There's a season for everything....

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