Kelley + Trevor at the Trolley Barn

Here is one of my favorite brides from last season!  Kelley is an amazingly creative chick and really added some super beautiful details to her day.  She was also a pleasure to work with and her mom is a hoot!  They were so much fun. 

Her bouquet was chock full of white stock, hydrangeas, white anemones, green hypericum berries, scented geranium, and mint.  It was totally gorgeous!  Anemones are always a bit tricky to work with but they behaved nicely for Kelley's day.

Kelley, an art teacher at The Children's School, made the adorable clay birds that held the signs at the drink and bar table.  She also hand wrote the signs and chose the miniature plants and containers for the decor. 

Guest favors were lottery tickets placed on a ticket holder designed and made by Kelley!
Attached was a shiny penny for extra luck. 

bloom created a fabulous floral display around a vintage birdcage on the buffet table but unfortunately there were no photos of it! 

Brides - make sure you discuss clearly with your photographer the types of photos and detail shots you would like from your day. 
Here's a thank you note from Kelley:
All I can say is that your work is amazing!  I was in complete awe when I looked around and saw all the wonderful flower details covering The Trolley Barn.  When planning our wedding, I felt that the flowers were a very important part of the event.  It was breathtaking to see our vision come to life.  Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day one of the best days of my life.  Many Thanks, Kelley

All photos courtesy of sean randall

P.S. I am all for photographers branding their images, but not when they do it smack across the center of the photo.

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