Ashli and Mr. Price

This wedding, held last year on the infamous 10-10-10, is very dear to me.  The beautiful bride above was my daughter's third grade teacher!  Ms. McMahon, (Ashli), would always refer to her fiance, Adam, as Mr. Price when she would discuss her wedding plans with her third grade students.  So naturally, I refer to him the same way!

Ashli announced during the school year that it would be her last as a teacher.  She had decided to follow her growing passion of cooking/catering and start her own business.  As she is a foodie, I tried to incorporate some familiar elements into her wedding bouquet.  Sage and mint, along with hypericum berries, orange ranunculus and white asiatic lilies comprised Ashli's simple and romantic bouquet.

Her color palette was vibrant and earthy. 

The ceremony took place in the gazebo at The Avondale Community Club
All sides of the gazebo were hung with mason jars filled with floating orange gerber daisies.

My daughter helped set up the wedding and she stayed for a sneak peek at some of the other teachers/administrators who were bridesmaids!

I love that the dresses were in three shades - scarlet, burnt orange, and mocha. 

Different sized mason jars were used for the table arrangements.  Filled with orange ranunculus, white lilies. gerber daisies and all different kinds of herbs - sage, mint, rosemary, thyme, dill, etc.  I also added a few ornamental peppers to round out the garden/foodie feel.

Catering was by Sawickis, a local Decatur purveyor of artisanal and local products.

The Avondale Club has a beautiful lake view.

Lilies in hanging mason jars decorated the front porch.

And here's the most delightful part of the event!  Ashli LOVES bacon...so what better place for bacon?  On the wedding cake!  Bacon bows...a true foodie knows that bacon goes great with chocolate icing!

The happy couple - Mr. AND Mrs. Price!

All photos courtesy of Anna Kate photography.

And by the way, Ashli's catering/personal chef business has taken off!  Check her out at http://www.plantoplate.com/.

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