Katy & Nick \\ Genuine & Original \\ Part one

I will attempt to define Katy & Nick with a few words...Cool.  Hip.  Original.  Genuine.  They are, most certainly, on my list of favorite couples.  If I had not been a vendor, I would have LOVED to attend this wedding!

Instead of a 'rehearsal dinner', they hosted a casual pre-wedding party on the lawn of the Margaret Mitchell House in Midtown so guests could get to know one another.  Croquet was set up on the lower lawn and a Viking lawn game called Kubb was set up on the upper lawn.  There are many nods to Katy's Scandanavian heritage and Nick's Irish ancestry throughout their wedding details.

Guests were encouraged to try a shot of Akvavit, which is a traditional Scandinavian liquor-type schnapps popular in both Sweden and Denmark.

Katy's family every year cohosts a Swedish smorgasbord where there is lots of eating and drinking. Everyone typically winds up singing "Helan Gar", a popular Swedish drinking song, which was a highlight of the evening.

And here's something you don't often see - the bride as bartender!  Katy encouraged her colleague/bartender to take a break and enjoy the delicious barbeque from Jim and Nick's, and she took over for him.  She even learned how to make a Manhattan!

The guest tables held piles of books, essentially the wedding favors.  Each table had a different theme or genre and by covering the books (note the design as that will appear again later) the guests didn't really know what they were getting until they opened it up.  Guests had a great time swapping and trading as it forced people to mingle and discuss the books.  Most of the books were thrifted or bought used online and most were fiction, however some were memoirs and poetry, but all were personal favorites of Katy and Nick.

After Akvavit, bbq and books, guests returned outside to a beautiful evening and more lawn games.

Stay tuned for more good stuff about the ceremony and reception.
All images courtesy of Krista Turner Photography.

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